Labour Declares Indefinite Strike over Minimum Wage, Electricity Tariff Hike

Labour Declares Indefinite Strike over Minimum Wage, Electricity Tariff Hike

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) have announced an indefinite strike over the federal government’s refusal to increase the minimum wage from N60,000. The strike, scheduled to commence on June 3, is a response to the government’s stance on the minimum wage and the electricity tariff hike.

The labour unions had set a deadline of May 31 for the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and the federal government to reverse the electricity tariff hike, which was approved on April 3. The tariff increase, particularly for customers in the Band A classification, sparked public outcry and demands for its reversal.

Despite the government proposing minimum wage figures of N48,000, N54,000, and most recently N60,000, the NLC and TUC have rejected all offers. The unions are steadfast in their demand for N615,500, citing the high cost of living as justification for their stance.
In a joint statement, the NLC and TUC expressed disappointment in the government’s failure to address the workforce’s concerns despite repeated calls and warnings. The unions emphasized the need for a fair wage that reflects the economic realities faced by Nigerian workers.

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The announcement of the strike underscores the unions’ determination to press for their demands. The NLC and TUC called on their affiliates, state councils, civil society organizations, market traders, and the general public to prepare for the nationwide industrial action starting on June 3, 2024.

The labour unions’ rejection of the government’s latest offer of a ₦57,000 minimum wage signals a continued impasse in the negotiations. The unions have reduced their initial demand but remain unsatisfied with the government’s proposals, highlighting the challenges faced by Nigerian workers in the current economic climate.

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As the strike date approaches, the pressure is on for both the government and the labour unions to reach a consensus on the minimum wage issue. The outcome of these negotiations will have

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