WhatsApp integrates Meta AI to change messaging experience 

WhatsApp integrates Meta AI to change messaging experience 

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WhatsApp integrates Meta AI to change messaging experience new META AI logo on nice hd transparent background.
Whatsapp Integrates Meta Ai To Change Messaging Experience  2

Meta is making things more interesting in the virtual messaging ecosystem with the introduction of WhatsApp Meta AI, a new feature that integrates artificial intelligence directly into your messaging experience. This innovative chatbot is designed to mimic the capabilities of services like ChatGPT and Gemini, offering a range of exciting possibilities for your chats. 

What is WhatsApp Meta AI?

Think of it as your own personal AI assistant within WhatsApp. Here’s what it can do:

  • Answer your questions in a clear and informative way.
  • Provide summaries of factual topics.
  • Help you brainstorm ideas for projects or writing.
  • Even generate creative text formats!

Test running the new WhatsApp chatbot

In testing the new AI feature, we asked it a couple of questions and it provided answers in the fashion of models like Gemini and ChatGPT. For example, we asked where it derives information from and it gave us the following answer:

We saw a name in its profile that seems to be its nickname just like Alexa and the others. The name is ‘Llama’. 

WhatsApp integrates Meta AI to change messaging experience new 2024

Then we called it Llama and asked how it was. It answered angrily:

WhatsApp integrates Meta AI to change messaging experience

Getting started with Whatsapp Meta AI

Accessing and using the new WhatsApp chatbot is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Update your WhatsApp to the latest version on Google or Apple Store. (The feature might not be available in all regions yet.)
  2. Once updated, you’ll see a dreamy icon on the right-hand side of your WhatsApp chat list as seen below. Click it to get started with chatting with WhatsApp Llama.
  1. After that first click and you send your first message to the WhatsApp AI, you will have the chat listed as your regular contact. You can archive and unarchive it too.
WhatsApp integrates Meta AI to change messaging experience
  1. Also, you can easily access it through the search button at the top of your WhatsApp chats. It now functions as a search engine for your contacts, chats, and a conversation portal with WhatsApp Meta AI. 
  1. To use it, simply type “Meta AI” followed by your question or request within a chat.
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Haven’t gotten access to the Meta AI after updating your WhatsApp?

Haven’t gotten the update yet on your regular WhatsApp but eager to try it out? Consider joining the WhatsApp Beta program. Beta testers get to play with upcoming features like Whatsapp Meta AI before everyone else. This lets you experience the latest innovations and provide valuable feedback to help shape the future of WhatsApp.

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The future of chatting with AI

Whatsapp Meta AI is a big leap forward in using AI for everyday communication. It can answer questions, summarise information, and even spark creative ideas, making WhatsApp even more useful. 

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