Sent Silver Radiates Happiness’ with Latest Feel-Good Anthem

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Dive into the euphoric sounds of Sent Silver, the emerging Nigerian artist, as he unveils his latest musical gem, “Happiness.” Known for his ability to infuse soul into every melody, Sent Silver takes us on a rhythmic journey filled with positive vibes and infectious beats.

No stranger to the music scene, Sent Silver‘s passion for storytelling through melody began in his secondary school years. From introversion to a passionate communicator, each fan gained marked a remarkable achievement for the budding artist.

While Sent Silver‘s previous release, “Choose You,” showcased his soulful side and celebrated love, “Happiness” takes a different turn. The theme of the song is clear – it’s all about embracing a feel-good vibe. The track, released on the 8th of March2024, is a testament to Sent Silver‘s versatility as an artist.

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Unlike his earlier heartbreak-themed composition, “Odoyewu,” “Happiness” focuses solely on the positivity and depth of love. The decision to embark on a solo journey for this project allowed Sent Silver to create an intimate and personal masterpiece, enhancing the depth of the song and providing listeners with a direct connection to the artist’s emotions.

As the echoes of “Happiness” reverberate through your speakers, Sent Silver continues his musical voyage, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his growing fanbase. Stay tuned for more soul-stirring melodies from this talented artist, as he cements his place in the vibrant landscape of Nigerian music.

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Connect with Sent Silver
Twitter: @silver_silver
Instagram: sent_silver_

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