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Fire guts Kwara high court complex

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Kwara State’s new High Court complex located in the Government Reservation Area, Ilorin, the state capital was on Tuesday engulfed by fire.

The main building and offices located in the complex were damaged by the inferno.

The fire which was noticed at around 7.25 am reportedly damaged the 40 offices and three open courtrooms, the Registry Department and the Litigation Office.

The fire, according to the State Fire Service was said to have been triggered by a surge in electricity supply to the area.

A statement by the Head of Media and Publicity of the Kwara State Fire Service, Hassan Adekunle, confirmed the fire incident.

Adekunle said firemen were alerted to the inferno through a distress call which the firefighters responded to.

He said, “In the morning of February 13, 2024, at 07:33 hours, the Kwara State Fire Service received a distress call regarding a fire outbreak at the State High Court in Ilorin.

“Responding swiftly, the fire crew rushed to the scene to find the imposing State High Court building ablaze. This building, housing 40 offices and three open courtrooms, was in peril, with the registry department and litigation office particularly affected by the inferno.

“With commendable courage and determination, the firefighters immediately commenced their efforts to combat the raging flames. Working tirelessly, they skillfully navigated through the burning structure, deploying their expertise and resources to contain and extinguish the fire.

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“Despite the daunting challenges they faced, the firefighters succeeded in saving the State High Court from complete devastation, preventing what could have been a catastrophic loss.

“Subsequent investigation into the cause of the fire revealed that it was triggered by a power surge, highlighting the importance of electrical safety measures.”

Adekunle said that the state Director of Fire Service, Falade Olumuyiwa, urged the general public to prioritise safety awareness and precautions in their daily lives.

He added, “This call to action underscores the critical role that vigilance and preparedness play in preventing such tragedies from occurring in the future.”

Similarly, Adekunle confirmed that in a fire incident which occurred in Ilorin on Monday evening, a building containing 15 rooms and a shop was completely consumed by Fire.

The building located at Arilewo Street, Oja oke off Airport Road Ilorin in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State was engulfed by fire at around 6.53 pm on Monday.

“Today, Monday, February 12, 2024, at about 18:53hrs (06:53 pm) fire gutted a building of about 15 rooms and One shop as a result of a power surge.

“Upon receiving the distress call, Kwara State Fire Service promptly mobilised its firefighting team to the scene. The firefighters arrived at the location and swiftly initiated firefighting operations to suppress the flames and prevent the fire from spreading further. Through the use of specialized equipment and firefighting techniques, the fire service personnel worked diligently to bring the situation under control.

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“Fifteen rooms were affected in the building, however, the firemen were able to perform excellently well to minimize the damage, therefore other Shops in the building including many tangible properties were saved from the scathed fire”, Adekunle said.

“The Director of Kwara State Fire Service, Olumuyiwa, urged the citizens to always cultivate the habit of switching off their electrical appliances even before bedtime, as this would help them to prevent the chances of fire outbreaks in their various homes, or places of work.

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