FIFA to Vote on Making Racist Abuse a Disciplinary Offense

FIFA to Vote on Making Racist Abuse a Disciplinary Offense

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The World Football governing body, FIFA, says it wants all of its national federations to make racist abuse a disciplinary offense.

The organization is pushing for all 211 national federations to adopt stricter measures against racist abuse, making it a specific disciplinary offense. This move comes after extensive consultations with affected players, including Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior.

The proposed measures, to be presented to FIFA member federations during their annual meeting, include mandatory sanctions, potential match forfeits, on-field actions, and even the possibility of criminal charges.

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Additionally, a standardized gesture involving players raising their hands and crossing their wrists to signal a racist incident is being introduced. This gesture would trigger a three-step procedure involving warnings, potential game suspensions, and ultimately game abandonment.

FIFA also aims to establish a panel of players to oversee the implementation of these measures globally. This proactive step by FIFA reflects a concerted effort to address and eradicate racism in football, both on and off the field.

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