Christmas more fascinating when we were younger – Patrick Doyle

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A veteran actor, Patrick Doyle, says that Christmas used to be more fascinating when he was younger.

He noted that though he cannot recall any particular Christmas as his most memorable, it was usually a fascinating period for him, especially when he was between the ages of six and 10.

He told Saturday Beats, “I honestly have no annual Christmas ritual. All I know is that my mood is generally upbeat each Christmas season.”

Talking about how he intends to spend Christmas with his wife, the role interpreter said, “My wife and I have been together for more than two Christmas, so there is nothing new about us spending Christmas together.  However, this December, Deji Ali— an old classmate at Finbarr’s— gifted us an all-expense paid ‘staycation’ at the Lakowe Lakes Golf Resort (Lagos). It was really good.”

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Doyle also stated that he does not let the economic situation of the country determine his happiness. He said, “I never let the economy dictate the level of my joy. The joy of the Lord and the celebration of the person of Jesus is too exciting for me to worry about what I can or cannot afford.”

Speaking on the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry, the actor said, “The tremendous growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry has been essentially organic without much interference and deliberate tinkering. I strongly believe the less we obsess with its development, the better it is for the industry; lest we jinx it. Let it just continue to flourish as it is without any ‘oversabi’ input from any quarter.”

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