A firework reportedly thrown by pro-Israel supporters explodes close to the student encampment

Chaos at UCLA as ‘horrific acts of violence’ break out between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel activists with ‘all-out brawls’ and fireworks hurled into crowds hours after cops cleared protesters from Columbia University in dramatic raid

Chaos ensued deep into the night on campus at UCLA as pro and anti-Israel protesters clashed in scenes of ‘horrific acts of violence’ that devolved into ‘all-out brawls’ which also saw a firework thrown into a crowd of people.  This mayhem mirrored scenes seen at college campuses across the country, including at Columbia University in […]

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JUST IN: Four Confirmed Dead Others Injured As Gunman Open Fire At Cook’s Corner Biker bar in Southern California

At least Four people were killed and six others were injured when a gunman opened fire at Cook’s Corner, a popular and historic biker bar near Los Angeles, Southern California. Officials say four people were pronounced dead at the site, including the gunman. Six other persons were taken to the hospital, five of them had gunshot wounds, […]

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