Liberia Election : George Weah Concedes Defeat To Boakai

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George Weah, the current president of Liberia and a legendary football player, has Concedes Defeat on Friday night after almost all of the results showed that Joseph Boakai, the opposition candidate, had taken the lead with almost half of the run-off votes.

In a speech broadcast on national radio, Weah stated, “The results announced tonight, though not definitive, suggest that Boakai is in a lead that we cannot surpass.

“Liberia has won, but the CDC (party) has lost the election. This is the moment to put the good of the country before one’s own interests, to be gracious in defeat “said the speaker.

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The figures released on Friday showed that Boakai had 28,000 votes more than Weah. Weah had a narrow national lead of 7,126 votes when the two men finished neck and neck in the first round of voting last month.

Joseph Boakai Liberia President Elect

“President-elect Boakai on his victory and President Weah for his peaceful acceptance of the results” received congratulations from the US.

The anticipated triumph for former vice president Boakai would be a wonderful form of retaliation for the 78-year-old, who was badly defeated by Weah, 57, in the 2017 second-round presidential election.

After Tuesday’s second-round vote, more than 99.5 percent of polling places reported vote totals. According to official results released by the elec, Boakai received 50.89 percent of the votes cast, while Weah received 49.11 percent.

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