Worst Tokyo HEATWAVE Since 1875 Hospitalizes 76 – Govt Begs Citizens DON’T Wear Masks

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A third day of scorching heat in Japan has seen the worst heatwave streak since official records began almost 150 years ago, with authorities warning it’s only going to get hotter as 76 people were reportedly hospitalized with heatstroke.

Officials have begged citizens to restrict power usage to avoid power cuts with reserves dropping to dangerously low levels. Authorities apparently struggling to convince citizens not to wear masks outdoors and thus further risk heatstroke.

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Worst Tokyo Heatwave Since 1875 Hospitalizes 76 - Govt Begs Citizens Don’t Wear Masks 1

In less than 2 weeks the Japanese parliament’s upper house holds crucial elections, with the ruling party’s handling of the energy crisis central to voter concerns that have seen PM Fumio Kishida’s approval rating drop from 55% to 50% in the last week.

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