Woman Dies In Australia, Three hours After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccination

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An elderly Australian woman has died three hours after receiving her first Covid-19 jab in an aged care facility.

According to reports, the 82-year-old nursing home resident was living at the Blue Care Yurana Aged Care Facility in Springwood, in Queensland Australia, when she was reportedly given the Pfizer vaccine at 10am.

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Sources says, Police were called to the residence at 1.30pm and confirmed that the woman’s death ‘is not being treated as suspicious’.It’s unclear if the vaccine has any link to the woman’s death as she was also suffering from a lung disease at the time of her death.

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Woman Dies In Australia, Three Hours After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccination 1

But according to clinical trials the Pfizer vaccine prevents Covid-19 in 95 per cent of recipients.The Therapeutic Goods Administration was adamant ‘there is no specific risk of vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in elderly patients’.

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Woman Dies In Australia, Three Hours After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccination 2

The elderly woman’s death comes two days after a former governor from Papua New Guinea, Mal Kela Smith, died from Covid in a Queensland hospital.

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