VIDEO: Police Released Full Body Cam Of Kentucky Bank Shooting

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Body camera footage released by authorities Tuesday captured in rare but evocative detail the desperate sprint of a rookie police officer and his training officer to stop a mass shooting at a Kentucky bank.

The footage, shown by the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department at an afternoon news conference and later posted on Twitter by police, comes a day after a Louisville bank employee killed five people and injured nine others — including two police officers — when he streamed video. attack on Instagram.

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Video: Police Released Full Body Cam Of Kentucky Bank Shooting 1

The body camera footage opens with an image of the console of the police cruiser as it pulls up to the downtown building.

The steering wheel veers wildly from side to side as rookie officer Nickolas Wilt drives the car and his partner, Cory Galloway, shouts directions off camera.

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Warning ⚠️ : The Video your about to watch is highly disturbing in nature Viewers Discretion is highly Advised

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