VIDEO: Bank Error Allows Ireland Customers With 0 Balance Withdraw €1,000 From ATM

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On Wednesday, a viral video captured the moment a bank errors allowed customers with no money in their accounts to withdraw €1,000 from Irish ATMs.

An X (previously Twitter) user who published the video remarked, “Bank of Ireland in Navan, major flaw allowing money to be drawn out even if you have none in the bank.”

Where are the Gardai?”The Bank of Ireland has since reacted to the development on their X (formerly Twitter) handle saying, “We are working on a technical issue that is impacting a number of our services including our mobile app and 365Online.

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“We are working to fix this as quickly as possible and apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.“We would like to remind customers if transferring/withdrawing funds-including over normal limits-this money will be debited from their account.

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“We are conscious customers may not be able to check balances, but should not withdraw/transfer if they are likely to become overdrawn.


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