UNU Junior Fellows Internship 2024 in Japan

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Want to work under the United Nations in paid internship program? Encouraged to submit applications for the UNU Junior Fellows Internship 2024 in Japan. This internship opportunity is open to candidates who have either completed or are currently pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree. The primary goal of this UN internship is to bring together emerging professionals and scholars, fostering interaction and dialogue among them. Its purpose is to provide junior fellows with an understanding of the operations of the UNU and the initiatives undertaken by the Office of the Rector.

UNU Junior Fellows Internship 2024 in Japan

The internship opportunity in Tokyo aligns with UNU’s mission to provide a platform for candidates to address urgent global issues such as human survival, development, conflict prevention, and social welfare. Additionally, the United Nations is actively engaged in shaping policies aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals and fostering positive change. The paid internship abroad is looking for smart individuals to work in Tokyo. It’s a great opportunity for international students who want to gain experience abroad.

About United Nations University

Over the last forty years, UNU has served as a trusted think tank, conducting unbiased research on urgent global issues such as human survival, conflict prevention, development, and welfare. With over 400 researchers in 13 countries, UNU’s efforts cover all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, producing valuable knowledge to drive positive change worldwide. Collaborating with over 200 UN agencies, universities, and research institutions globally, UNU remains committed to impactful partnerships.

Getting the chance to go to Japan is amazing for those who qualify. If you want to work for the United Nations, this paid internship will make your resume better. The experience you’ll get will help you and the organization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply now!

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Host Country: Japan

Host University: United Nations University

Financial Assistance: Fully Paid


  • The internship lasts approximately 4 months (16 weeks).

Expected Start Date: August 12, 2024

Expected End Date: December 20, 2024

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Benefits of UNU Junior Fellows Internship in Japan:

  • Interns who don’t get financial support from universities or other places will get a stipend from UNU.
  • This stipend helps cover basic living costs during the internship.
  • The amount of the stipend each month depends on where the internship is.
  • The stipend is paid every month, and if the internship is part-time, the payment is adjusted accordingly.


  • Research and institutional development: involves tasks such as preparing executive briefs on crucial topics, conducting background research, and drafting information briefs to support internal policy development.
  • Planning: Assisting in developing project management tools and systems.
  • Event coordination: Helping organize lectures, conferences, workshops, and other events, both in person and online.
  • Meeting coordination: Providing logistical support and taking minutes during meetings.
  • Editorial support: Proofreading reports and editing copy.
  • Communication: Preparing and sharing newsletters, event summaries, and other communication materials.

Eligibility Criteria for UNU Junior Fellows Internship in Japan:

The qualifications considered in each application include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Currently pursuing or recently completed postgraduate studies (within two years of application), preferably in a field related to the University’s work.
  • Age should be less than 32 years.
  • No more than 5 years of work experience in the related field.
  • Native or fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Excellent research, writing, and analytical skills.
  • Ability to build effective working relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Resourcefulness and creativity in problem-solving.
  • Advanced computer skills, including a strong understanding of MS Office applications (familiarity with ICT tools and high proficiency in Microsoft Excel are desirable).
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How to Apply?

  • Visit the official website.
  • Attach a complete CV in English (2 single-sided pages).
  • Fill in all required information.
  • Answer all questions.
  • Ensure all records are filled in appropriately.
  • Provide all necessary supporting documents, if required.
  • Fill in all required fields.

Documents required for the UNU Junior Fellows Internship:

  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Application form
  • Funding form
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Language Certification (TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC)


The deadline to apply for the UNU Junior Fellows Internship 2024 in Japan is May 10, 2024.

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