Trump Org blasts New Jersey’s ‘unjustified’ liquor license roadblock after mogul’s conviction

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The Trump Organization decried New Jersey’s decision not to timely renew its liquor licenses as “unjustified,” as state officials pointed to former President Trump’s NY v. Trump conviction.

In June, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization said rumblings of such a move ignored the fact Trump does not personally hold any liquor licenses in the Garden State. 

Trenton officials pointed to a prohibition against persons convicted of crimes involving “moral turpitude” from hawking booze.

On Tuesday, Fox News Digital obtained two letters Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control interim director Kirstin Krueger sent to Trump properties in Bedminster and Colts Neck advising Trump Organization executive vice president Donald Trump Jr. of an upcoming renewal hearing.

In response, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization reiterated its June contention, and added the licenses affect many more people than the Trump family while also padding Trenton’s coffers:


Donald Trump in Bedminster

Donald Trump drives a golf cart during the Official Pro-Am Tournament ahead of the LIV Golf Invitational Series event at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. (TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty)

“These liquor licenses support the livelihoods of many hundreds of hard-working New Jersey residents, including bartenders, waiters and waitresses, they service thousands of members, and they contribute millions of dollars to the revenue streams of the state of New Jersey,” the spokesperson said.

“They are also relied upon by people for special life events, including weddings, Christenings, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, as well as charitable outings and events.”

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“We sincerely hope that this investigation is not political in nature, and given the foregoing, we feel confident that our licenses will remain unaffected.”

The letters illustrated the state’s claim the elder Trump still plays into the equation despite his name being absent from the documents.


Matt Platkin speaks

New Jersey Attorney General Matt J. Platkin (AP Photo/Mike Catalini, file)

“Dear Mr. Trump, Jr., The following notice of hearing is issued pursuant to authority vested in the [Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)]. The director has determined that a hearing is necessary in order to make her determination on the pending application,” the letter regarding Trump National Bedminster read.

“The Division has become aware of various public records containing facts that raise concerns as to whether this licensee remains qualified to hold said license,” the letter continued.

The letter cited the same “moral turpitude” clause from June reporting on the matter, and said Trump Sr. “maintains a direct beneficial interest” in three New Jersey liquor licenses overall.


Pine Hill, the community outside Camden where the third Trump Organization license is held, renewed that club’s certification in June, which the ABC said fell under “plenary consumption,” and appeared to differ from the other two at issue.

Trump Organization officials will have to appear before Krueger in Trenton on July 19, which state officials noted falls after Trump’s July 11 sentencing in NY v. Trump.

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“During such a hearing, the applicant bears the burden of proof to demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that they remain qualified to maintain licensure, which includes a review of any beneficiaries of the licenses,” the letters read.

A statement from New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin’s office noted Trump is not formally adjudged his conviction until sentencing, so a hearing could not be scheduled before the 11th.

It also stated beverage services at Bedminster and Colts Neck will be able to shake or stir under “ad interim” permitting until the hearing date.

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