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The black book- After his son is framed for a kidnapping, a bereaved deacon takes justice into his own hands and fights a corrupt police gang to absolve him.

On the other hand, Paul Edima, who was also a hitman, returns to his former life when his only son, Damilola, is killed by the same gang members he left 24 years ago.

The movie tells how the father’s sins, particularly a criminal one, end up visiting the ones he loves most regardless of how he tries to protect them from it.

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Story: The plot outlives the pidgin phrase “trouble dey sleep, Nyanga go wake am,” Paul is a notorious hitman who went silent for 24 years and makes a comeback to seek justice for his dead son.

In the beginning, Professor Craig (Bimbo Akintola), the CEO of the Nigeria Energy & Oil Company, has been fighting tirelessly against corruption in her community, but stepping on toes, some people want her out of the office.

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This leads to the kidnap of her husband and baby, masterminded by a gang controlled by General Issa (Alex Usifo). For the police to stay off their tracks, they pin the kidnapping on an innocent man, Damilola Edima (Olumide Oworu).

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Genre: Mystery & thriller, Crime, Drama,

Original Language: English

Director: Editi Effiong

Producer: Kemi Lala Akindoju, Editi Effiong.

Writer: Editi Effiong, Bunmi Ajakaiye.

Release Date (Streaming): Sep 22, 2023

Runtime: 2h 4m

Distributor: Netflix

Production Co: Anakle Films.

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