India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) flashes victory sign as he arrives at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headquarters to celebrate the party's win in country's general election, in New Delhi on Tuesday, after claiming election victory for his party and its allies

India’s Narendra Modi claims third successive general election victory despite disappointing performance by his party

 Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi has claimed his third general election win despite a lackluster performance from his own party as it faced a stronger than expected challenge from his opponents. ‘Today’s victory is the victory of the world’s largest democracy’ he said, speaking at his party headquarters, after placing his faith in the ruling […]

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How WW3 could be won in space… and it’s Russia and China leading the star wars nuke race: As Moscow vetoes UN bid to prevent space-based Armageddon, the deadly weapons Putin and Xi’s scientists are preparing to unleash on the West

Russia yesterday vetoed a UN resolution calling on all nations to prevent a dangerous nuclear arms race in outer space, sparking fears Moscow may be gearing up for a catastrophic cosmic escalation. The resolution would have called on all countries not to develop or deploy nuclear arms or other weapons of mass destruction in space, as […]

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China has increased its support for Vladimir Putin 's war in Ukraine by sending military equipment to Russia, American officials have said. Pictured: A Russian missile launcher fires rockets in the direction of Ukrainian troops in this image released on April 4

China is ramping up support for Putin’s war in Ukraine by supplying tank components, rocket fuel and other equipment

China has increased its support for Vladimir Putin‘s war in Ukraine by sending military equipment to Russia, American officials have said. The alarm was sounded as the Kremlin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in China for an official visit on Monday, his ministry said, with the two countries looking to strengthen diplomatic ties as Russia’s invasion […]

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Microsoft says China using AI to sow division in US

China is ramping up use of AI-generated content and fake social media accounts to inflame division in the United States and elsewhere, according to the latest report from Microsoft’s threat center. Beijing has “doubled down” on targets and increased sophistication of its influence operations, Microsoft threat analysis center general manager Clint Watts said in a […]

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that setting up a nuclear-powered unit in space is a priority

Putin’s space nuke threat: Vladimir says setting up a nuclear-powered unit in space is ‘a priority’ after Kremlin floated joint moon project with China

Vladimir Putin says setting up a nuclear-powered unit in space is a priority  Russia and China have previously said they want to set one up within ten years The two nations are collaborating on the International Lunar Research Station  By Perkin Amalaraj Published: 15:26 GMT, 14 March 2024 | Updated: 16:41 GMT, 14 March 2024 […]

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Mr Guo, from Henan, China, was relaxing with his daughter in what appears to be a shop before chaos unfolded

Nice catch, Dad! Father makes impressive dive to save his baby from a nasty fall after turning his back just for a moment

By Taryn Pedler Published: 10:54 GMT, 8 March 2024 | Updated: 11:33 GMT, 8 March 2024 A father made an epic lunge across a room to save his baby from what could have been a nasty fall after he turned his back for just a second. Mr Guo, from Henan, China, was having a sweet […]

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Lionel Messi is abused by Chinese football fans who taunt him over the FALKLANDS after the Argentinian didn’t play in Inter Miami’s Hong Kong exhibition match

Lionel Messi had to sit out of Inter Miami Hong Kong match due to an injury  Angry Chinese football fans have taunted the Argentinian footballer, calling him a ‘thief’  Inter Miami president David Beckham has also been targeted by the spectators  By Jamie Shapiro Published: 09:12 GMT, 14 February 2024 | Updated: 09:44 GMT, 14 […]

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Footage shows the harrowing scenes people in North Korea have to go through after being punished for trying to defect

Tortured, starved and crushed to death under trees in hell-hole North Korean labour camp: Horrific details of Kim Jong-un’s gulags emerge in new documentary showing defectors trying to flee from hermit country

Horrific details of Kim Jong-un’s gulags have emerged in a documentary showing defectors desperately trying to flee from North Korea.  In the gripping documentary Beyond Utopia: Escape from North Korea, harrowing footage reveals the lengths desperate people will go to to leave Kim Jong-un‘s regime full of famines, a developing economic crisis and crippling international […]

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President Zelensky asks Switzerland to organise ‘high-level peace conference’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Switzerland to organise a ‘high-level peace conference’ amid the ongoing war with Russia.  Swiss President, Viola Amherd, revealed during a joint press conference in Bern: ‘I confirmed that Switzerland is ready to organize the conference. We agreed that the details of the further approach will be looked into in […]

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The vacuum cleaner was making its pre-programmed rounds (pictured above) when it sucked in the dog's tail as the poor animal yelped in horror

Cleaning robot ‘attacks’ pet dog while owner is out! Video shows animal trying to escape as the machine latches on to its tail

By Miriam Kuepper Published: 12:07 GMT, 4 January 2024 | Updated: 20:09 GMT, 4 January 2024 This is the moment a cleaning robot appears to attack a pet dog while its owner is out.   The vacuum cleaner was making its pre-programmed rounds when it sucked in the dog’s tail as the poor animal yelped in […]

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