Russian beauty queen unable to close her EYES or smile after undergoing £3,000 plastic surgery 

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A Russian beauty queen Yulia Tarasevich, 43 was left unable to close her EYES or smile after undergoing £3,000 plastic surgery.

Russian Beauty Queen Yulia Tarasevich

Yulia Tarasevich, 43, was a runner-up in the Mrs Russia-International beauty contest two years ago, but soon after decided to undergo a range of procedures at a clinic in Krasnodar, southern Russia.

Russian Beauty Queen Yulia Tarasevich

The mother-of-two said her face became badly swollen and inflamed after the £3,000 surgeries, which included a facelift, a blepharoplasty (cosmetic correction of the eyelids) and mini-liposuction.

‘I came to them with a beautiful healthy face,’ she said.’I just wanted to correct some nuances caused by ageing.

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Russian Beauty Queen Yulia Tarasevich

But sadly, I lost my health.’Yulia said she is unable to move large parts of her face or close her eyes despite having recovered from the surgery and has spent £20,000 in attempts to correct the issue, to no avail.

She has now filed a criminal complaint against the two doctors involved in her original operations, though they claim the complications arose as a result of a rare genetic defect.

She told Russian Channel 1: ‘I have scars that formed in my cheeks when they ripped out all my tissue.’

My eyes don’t close, and I can’t smile.’I can’t lift my upper lip, and one part of my face doesn’t work at all.”I went quietly to the operation, firstly, because all my tests were in order.

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Russian Beauty Queen Yulia Tarasevich

‘Secondly, because I had plastic surgery before this, I did rhinoplasty, and it went perfectly for me, without any genetic abnormalities.

‘She claims to have spent £20,000 to try and recover from the damage, with more bills ahead.

But the beauty queen will not regain her looks from before the surgery.

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