Prioritise policies to grow economy, Northern Elders tell FG

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The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) on Tuesday, December 26, called on the government to prioritize policies that stimulate economic growth, reduce unemployment, and alleviate poverty. 

NEF urged Nigerians to unite in prayer for improved security, a strengthened economy, and a more cohesive society.

Convener of the forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi, in his Christmas message the importance of the holy season as bringing people together, fostering unity, and promoting peace and love. 

The forum also extends warm wishes to government, and Christians worldwide for a joyous and peaceful Christmas and prayed the New Year brings renewed hope, progress, and prosperity for our beloved nation, added: “It is a time for individuals and communities to reaffirm their commitment to collective progress and social harmony.” 

The NEF encouraged every Nigerian, irrespective of religious or ethnic background, to engage in acts of kindness, compassion, and selflessness, thus promoting the spirit of Christmas in their daily lives.

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In light of the prevailing security challenges in Nigeria, the NEF urged all citizens and stakeholders to offer fervent prayers for the nation’s safety and security.

He said: “We call upon religious leaders from all faiths to lead their followers in supplication, beseeching divine intervention in bringing an end to insurgency, terrorism, and all forms of criminality. 

“The NEF believes that through unity and prayer, we can forge a path towards lasting peace, stability, and prosperity for our great nation.

“Furthermore, the NEF recognizes the significance of the Christmas season in promoting economic growth and development. As Nigerians celebrate, we must also reflect upon the economic challenges facing our nation”, the Forum added.

He added: “We urge all citizens to collaborate and contribute towards the realization of a vibrant and inclusive economy, where everyone has access to equal opportunities and prosperity.

“This year’s Christmas should also serve as a moment for solemn reflection as we prepare to embark on a new year. It is an opportune time to assess our individual and collective achievements, as well as identify areas for improvement.” 

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The NEF implored every Nigerian to ponder upon their roles in the nation’s progress.

It said: “Let us strive to be agents of positive change, promoting unity, justice, and love in all our endeavors by standing united as we face the challenges ahead, with faith in our hearts and prayers on our lips.”

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