Presidential Debate: I Feel Sorry For Biden And The United States, Says Bolaji Akinyemi

Presidential Debate: I Feel Sorry For Biden And The United States, Says Bolaji Akinyemi

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Bolaji Akinyemi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria has expressed sympathy for President Joe Biden and the United States of America, saying it is sad that it has to be a choice between Biden and former President Donald Trump. 

During an interview with ARISE NEWS on Friday, Akinyemi reflected on the Biden and Trump presidential debate, expressing his strong dislike for Trump. “While watching it, I totally detested Trump; he had that cynical look on his face,” he stated, adding that Shakespeare advised against judging a man’s heart by his face, but in Trump’s case, it was possible.

 Akinyemi also expressed sympathy for Biden, noting, “He is a stammerer, he was taught how to speak, and that affects the way he speaks. The optics of Joe Biden’s looks were terrible; I admit that he looked lost, but the way he speaks is the way he was taught.”

He lamented the unfortunate choice between the two candidates, believing that Biden could have performed better in challenging Trump. “Trump practically avoided every question he was asked and twisted everything back to the question of illegal immigrants,” Akinyemi observed. 

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He criticised Biden for not going after Trump on his relationships with dictators like Putin, the Chinese, and the North Koreans.

 Agreeing with public opinion, Akinyemi said, “I agree with the public that Biden lost that debate.” He also addressed criticisms of Kamala Harris, noting that the vice president’s performance is determined by the assignments given by the president.

“If she does a lousy job, it’s because she has been given a lousy assignment,” he explained.

Akinyemi found it unfair that polls gave Trump 66% and Biden 34%, given Biden’s speech impediment. He suggested that changing the candidate at this stage would be unprecedented and potentially damaging for the Democrats.

 “A third candidate will simply throw the election to Trump,” he warned. 

Reflecting on historical debates, he compared Biden’s situation to Nixon in 1960, who looked terrible on television despite having control of the facts.

Commenting on Biden’s challenges, Akinyemi said, “I don’t think Biden can overlook the look of old age and the look of being lost.” He acknowledged Biden’s credible salary increases in the United States but pointed out that issues like the Middle East could cost him the election.

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 “When Biden was asked about blacks, he defended himself all the time as if he was on trial, where it should have actually been Trump,” he remarked.

Akinyemi concluded by advising against the Democrats changing Biden at the convention, fearing it would generate undue sympathy for Biden.

“I don’t want the Democrats to commit suicide; changing Biden may get the old man a lot of sympathy that you don’t treat old people who have done you a favour this way,” he said.


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