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Pof Tutorial For Android Users 1

I know the first question that will pop up on your mind is what is pof?

POF is a online dating platform where you can meet and interact with people from all works of life, is popular called plenty of fish

According to them, Finding the person of your dreams is all about understanding what makes them tick.

We use the details about you and your life to find people that get you and have more in common than great selfie

From our observations most people who what to join this platform are restricted by region and IP address, so on this tutorial, am going to show you how you can easily bypass this restrictions.

STEP 1. First go to playstore and download (Openvpn for android) and also download (Openvpn server)

STEP 2. Download a POF(plenty of fish) app on playstore

STEP 3. Click on the first VPN you downloaded from playstore which is (Openvpn for android)

N/B: Incase POF app shows this app is not available in your country, learn how to bypass is here

Step 4. Minimize your phone and go for the second VPN which is (Openvpn server) you will see an icon like circle shown up at the left side edge of your phone Click it and wait till everything load finish.

Step 5. Select USA location …Notice :- some location always show out red or yellow dot don’t go for that..Click on the one that show green dot then Press connect

You almost done

Step 6. Wait till you see the VPN logo on top of the screen …Then you are free to create POF Account yourself.

Open ur google Chrome
Type Whoer.net to check ✔ ur IP is 100%

Then open chrome Ignition mode and goto POF website to create your account

Once done

Download POF app and login with dat vpn

Always use openvpn to access POF

For phone verification , use virtual numbers not from USA or CA.

N/B: This Tutorial is for educational purposes only and we will not be held liable for any misuse of it..

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