Over 30 persons, has been confirmed dead in the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu After Eating Cow Meat

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Over 30 Persons, Has Been Confirmed Dead In The University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu After Eating Cow Meat 1

According to our interview with a staff in the ( U.N.T.H ) she said that the patients that was admitted in their hospital, in the name of ( Yellow Fever ) was confirmed after some diagnosis, the results proved to be poisons from the consumptions of cow meat.

She further said that 30 persons has died already, while the hospital is putting all efforts in place to save the life’s of others in their care, and who knows the numbers of people that is dying of this predicaments in their various places? She asked.

According to ( Nurse Miracle ) she said that one of the patient’s Sister, reported that the Fulani‘s, had an issue with some communities in Nsukka, Enugwu North District, Enugwu Province, where some of their cows died, without any trace of illness, now they decided to fight back, by poisoning the cow meat’s that the sell to the public, selling them a very cheap and affordable prizes.

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Miss Chisom Nnadi, said that the later identified the death of 9 person in Enugwu Ezine, to be as a results from poisoned foods that they consumed.

So people should be aware of this massive death that is rising on daily basis, and prevent it through the avoidance of the consumptions of unverified meats or foods.

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