NIGER: Thousands of Volunteers Gathered Outside Niamey’s Main Stadium To Join Army

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Thousands of people gathered outside Niamey’s main stadium on Saturday to register as volunteer fighters or to assist with other necessities in case the Niger junta requires assistance against a possible military intervention by regional countries ECOWAS.

Niger: Thousands Of Volunteers Gathered Outside Niamey's Main Stadium To Join Army 1

The co-organizer of the voluntary mobilization for the defense of the homeland, Younoussou Hima, indicated that “we started the census today at the stadium level, and it will continue with programs that we will establish at the level of the municipalities to be closer to the people in order to contain the mass a little”. He also thanked the Nigeriens for the mobilization.

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“It is also a way of telling ECOWAS that wants to bring us war, that this war is not the war of the soldiers who are in power, but rather a war between the Nigerien population and her. We are ready and we will sacrifice ourselves,” he said.

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The Co-Organizer said “that today, we mobilized more than 50 thousand people less than 2 hours away, we were overwhelmed and we were forced to stop the registrations that we will continue”.

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