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My Fathers Keeper- Five sisters bring the heat when three sons of a Jamaican mobster try to murder their father, Willie Watson.

The Watson girls have no idea that their father’s horrific past has is the reason for the sudden attack on his life.

The three sons of Marcus Brooks will stop at nothing to avenge their father. The Watson boys launch a vicious attack on Willie at his home. He is left for dead.

The brutal attack on their father leaves the Watson girls distraught and broken, but they have no time to grieve. They realize the enemy is out for blood and will spare no one in their efforts to get it.

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The Watson girls struggle for answers as the enemy hits them from all sides, never letting up. Outnumbered and outmatched, the girls call on Japanese re-reinforcements. They find themselves at war with one of Jamaica’s notorious mob families.

Saddened by the idea that he has brought danger and destruction to his family Willie produces a plan that he believes will end this war, but for the sons of Jamaica, nothing can stop what they have planned for the man who took their father’s life.

They have never forgotten the dark and eerie night Willie mercilessly took their father’s life. Revenge and reclaiming their father’s legacy is all they must live for.

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The lives of both families are deeply intertwined by secrets, lies, passion, and love. All these things will test their resolve.This is a story about two men, and their families, at war over one legacy. Only one family will survive. Who will it be?

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