Mexican Mayor Weds Reptile

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Victor Hugo Sosa, mayor of San Pedro Wamerula, was engaged to a reptilian named Alicia Adriana to recreate an ancestral ritual.

As spectators clapped and danced, the mayor of a small town in southern Mexico entered into a traditional sacred marriage with a female reptile to bring happiness to his people.

Mexican Mayor Weds Reptile 1

The reptile is a caiman, an alligator-like marsh dweller endemic to Mexico and Central America.

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Sosa swore to be true to what local lore calls “the princess girl.

Mexican Mayor Weds Reptile 2

I accept responsibility because we love each other. That is what is important. You can’t have a marriage without love… I yield to marriage with the princess girl,” Sosa said during the ritual.

Mexican Mayor Weds Reptile 3

Marriage between a man and a female caiman has happened here for 230 years to commemorate the day when two Indigenous groups came to peace — with a marriage.

Mexican Mayor Weds Reptile 4

Tradition has it that frictions were overcome when a Chontal king, embodied these days by the mayor, wedded a princess girl of the Huave Indigenous group, represented by the female alligator.

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