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Keep hope alive, Soludo urges Christians at Christmas

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The Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has urged Christians in the state and across the country to rejoice and keep hope alive as they celebrate Christmas.

Soludo stated this in his Christmas message, according to a press statement by his Press Secretary, Christian Aburime, on Monday.

The governor urged the people to spread the joy of Christmas to every corner of the state, ensuring that no one feels alone or left out of the celebration.

The statement read, “As the joyous bells of Christmas chime and the star of Bethlehem shines once again, Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, felicitates Ndi Anambra with a heart overflowing with gratitude, festive cheer and immense hope for the future of our great state.

“Christmas, a season of love, light, and goodwill, finds us at a pivotal moment in the journey of our dear State. We stand on the threshold of a brighter tomorrow, having weathered storms and challenges together, emerging stronger and more united in our resolve to build a better, safer, prosperous, homeland.

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“This year as we gather in churches, families and communities, let us celebrate the birth of Christ with grateful hearts. Let us count our blessings and remember the resolute faith that carried us through the year, as the abiding love for our homeland continues to be our guiding compass.

“Let the warmth of this season reignite the spark of hope within each of us. Let us extend a hand of kindness to our neighbours, for in unity and compassion lies our strength.

“Let us open our hearts to the less fortunate, the lonely, and the vulnerable. Let us remember the true spirit of Christmas – the spirit of giving, forgiveness, and selfless service.

“Let us spread the joy of Christmas to every corner of our state, ensuring that no one feels alone or left out of celebration.”

The governor pledged to continue working tirelessly to build the Anambra and make it a state where every citizen thrives in a secure and prosperous environment, and where the light of opportunity shines brightly for all.

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“On this blessed Christmas season, I pray for peace, joy, and abundance for every one of you.

“May the spirit of Christmas fill your homes with warmth, your hearts with love, and your lives with blessings beyond measure. Merry Christmas, Ndi Anambra!” he added.

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