Justice League: Warworld 2023

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Justice League: Warworld is a 2023 superhero film directed by Jeff Wamester and starring Jensen Ackles and Stana Katic .

Until now, the Justice League has been a loose association of super powered individuals. But when they are swept away to Warworld, a place of unending brutal gladiatorial combat, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the others must somehow unite to form an unbeatable resistance able to lead an entire planet to freedom.”

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The Justice League is nothing more than a loose gathering of superheroes, each working more or less independently of the group.

But when they unexpectedly find themselves in War World, a place that consists merely of a series of endless, brutal gladiator fights, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the others in the animated film Justice League: Warworld must really team up to make it to get out safely.

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Official Trailer Justice League: Warworld 2023

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