JUST IN: Nigeria President Elect Bola Tinubu Rushed To Abroad Hospital For Medical Check Up

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Nigeria’s ‘president-elect’ Bola Tinubu, has been rushed to unknown abroad hospital to seek medical care after falling ill, aftermath of Nigeria hectic Election.

Africhome news team gathered that Tinubu fell ill after the “hectic” electioneering that led to his emergence as the ‘President-elect’ and the tension that built up ahead of the March 18 Lagos State governorship and House of Assembly elections where he also voted.

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He initially said his doctors should be brought down to Nigeria for him, and that when things die down, he would leave. But I’ve confirmed that he left last night (Tuesday night) because he is definitely ill,” another source confirmed.

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There where heightened concerns over Tinubu’s health challenges before the Nigeria presidential election. 

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