JUST IN: Doctor Say’s My Leg May Be Cut Off, Please Pray For Me – Mr Ibu Cry’s From Hospital Bed

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A well-known comedic Nollywood Veteran actor John Okafor, commonly known as Mr Ibu, who is currently bedridden, has asked Nigerians for financial assistance and prayers as he “stands the risk of having his legs amputated.”

Mr Ibu, speaking from a hospital bed in a video shared on his Instagram page on Wednesday, said he needed prayers because he might lose his legs.

The comedian said his legs may be cut off. Calling for prayers and financial help, Mr Ibu said, “I have been down for so many weeks. All I’m hoping is your prayers and assistance. As I speak to you, I’m still laying down in the hospital.

Mr Ibu Cry’S From Hospital Bed

The medical director of this hospital said the best solution, in case his new idea doesn’t work, my legs will be cut off.

“If they cut off my legs, where do I go to from here? Please pray for me, talk to God almighty. I don’t want my legs to be cut off. Thank you, God bless you.”His wife and daughter also appealed to the public in the video.His daughter said the actor was in one of the best private hospitals in Lagos.

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Pleading for help, she said, “Personally, I’ve been sorting out the bills, thinking it’s something I can do alone. Mummy has been in the hospital; the kids are at home.

Mr Ibu Nollywood Comic Actor

We thought we could sort it out on our own and he will be fine but he’s not getting better. We are at one of the best private hospitals in Lagos.

“This is not the first time Daddy has been down. He had been down, up, down, back on his feet again. So if he’s not getting better in one of the best private hospitals in Lagos, I think we need people that will come together, if possible fly him abroad so that he can get better treatment.

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As a father, he has been fighting, trying to be strong. He wants to live.“Personally, I’m exhausted. This is the bill they just gave us from the hospital. I am financially drained. I can’t do it alone. I need help.”

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