Ithra summit seeks solution to growing influence of AI on wellbeing 

Ithra summit seeks solution to growing influence of AI on wellbeing 

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Speakers at the King Abdulaziz Center of World Culture first ever Sync Digital Wellbeing has proposed solutions aimed at tackling the negative influence of social media on youths.

The Summit which took place recently in Dammam, featured an illustrious program of over 70 speakers – industry professionals, academics, scientists, healthcare providers, government officials and innovation experts – from around the world, ranging from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly to the renowned Portuguese football manager José Mourinho and AI data scientist Rumman Chowdhury.

 The theme of the summit, which had 13,000 attendees, was “Confronting the Digital Paradox,” explored ways how humans employ, regulate and interact with the expanding role of digital technology in our lives.

Ayisha Piotti, an AI expert and speaker at the summit said she got herself in AI sector because of the excessive concern she has over what would happen to the planet next and how is the role of technology is going to be in the life of her children.

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“As a parent we have two choices to either let it all happen or to say I should play a role in this particular area to shape that future for my children,” she said.

Also speaking, Ithra’s Spokesperson Mr Fahad AlBeyahi said the basis of the new Digital Wellbeing Global Report is a survey of 35,000 respondents, all over 18 years of age, in 35 nations across five continents, including six countries from Africa and Nigeria is among them.

“One of the major findings in the survey is about the design of the social media platforms – where 73% of the respondents believed that it is designed to be addictive, 52% are concerned about their health because of social media and 53% they say their use of technology for last year is positive and their performance and awareness is far better.

“Furthermore, 62% of the respondents of Sync survey believe that they spend the right time they want on social media, “which is a mindful decision,” Mr AlBeyahi further explained.

The Sync spokesperson said “one of the interesting thing is that 61% of these respondents are aware and mindful about gaming and spend the right time they want, while 70% exceeded

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He however revealed that “Sync will create awareness in African communities so that before the pandemic of negative impact as a result of excessive use of digital platforms hits them hard like other continents, they can be well prepared for the upcoming worst scenario.”

He added that “The center aims to raise awareness and organize the all Africa Digital Well-Being Summit, where the continents’ stakeholders, policy makers, and governments will be invited to discuss the impact of digital technologies, especially on wellness and safety,”

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