Israel to Intensify Fight Against Hamas, Says Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israel to Intensify Fight Against Hamas, Says Prime Minister Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared an escalation in Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza in the coming days. Netanyahu, speaking to members of his Likud party, revealed that his visit to Gaza on Monday morning emphasized that the military campaign was far from over.

The announcement follows recent remarks by the U.S. Secretary of State, urging Israel to decrease the intensity of its strikes. The conflict, initiated on October 7, erupted when Hamas led a deadly attack on Israeli communities. The Gaza health ministry, run by Hamas, reported that Israeli bombardments have resulted in the death of around 20,674 Palestinians, with a majority being women and children.

Hamas initiated the conflict by launching a deadly attack, resulting in the death of 1,200 people, primarily civilians, and taking approximately 240 hostages. While 132 hostages are reported to still be held, Israel is determined to destroy Hamas and secure the return of the hostages.

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Netanyahu, addressing his party, stated that troops he met during his visit to Gaza expressed the unanimous desire for Israel to persist in its military efforts. “So we don’t stop, we keep fighting and we deepen the fighting in the coming days, and it will be a long fight and it is not close to ending,” Netanyahu asserted.

Simultaneously, reports from Israeli and Arab media indicate that Egypt has proposed a ceasefire plan. The proposed plan outlines the phased release of Israeli hostages and an undisclosed number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails over a month and a half, concluding with a suspension of Israel’s offensive.

Despite international calls for a ceasefire, both Israel and Hamas have not shown signs of relenting. On Sunday, an Israeli airstrike in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the center of the strip resulted in at least 70 casualties, according to the Gazan health ministry. The incident led to the closure of main roads, hindering the work of ambulances and rescue teams, as reported by the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

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In response to the incident, the Israeli military stated that it had received reports of the incident, emphasizing its commitment to international law, including taking feasible steps to minimize harm to civilians, despite the challenges posed by Hamas operating within civilian areas in Gaza.

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