I Did It To Gain Followers- Man begs for forgiveness, reveals why he accused E-Money of sleeping with Jnr Pope’s wife

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The individual who previously made baseless accusations against the well-known billionaire, E-Money, and the spouse of the deceased actor, Junior Pope, has now publicly apologized.

It is worth noting that E-Money had launched an investigation to locate two women and one man who had made shocking claims about him in relation to the passing of Junior Pope.

Shortly after commencing his search, E-Money posted a photograph of the man, labeling him as a cyberbully who was attempting to smear his name by alleging that he had engaged in an extramarital affair with Junior Pope’s wife.

In a recently circulated video, the man, who has been apprehended and is facing legal action, retracted his previous statements and expressed remorse for his behavior. He acknowledged that his accusations were fabricated in an effort to attract more followers to his Facebook page. In his own words:

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“I did a video about E-Money. I said a lot of things that are not true in that video, that is why the police arrested me.

“I said something regarding a video I saw online about a woman – saying that Sir E-Money is responsible for the things that happened to Nollywood actor John Odonwodo, aka Junior Pope’s case.

“I said something like that, I also said that Sir E-Money was also having an affair with Junior Pope’s wife. I have never in my life met E-Money. Everything I made in that video was not true.

“I made the video out of trying to boost my page traffic level, I never knew it will go viral the way it went. I don’t have bad intention to tarnish Sir E-Money’s name. I was just making the video, I didn’t know it will go wide.

“I know the contents of the video were wrong of me to have made. I don’t know the video will escalate to that extent.”

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