Hisbah: ‘Why We Treat Rich, Poor Differently’

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The Kano Hisbah Board has explained why it treats the rich and the poor differently while enforcing some of its rules.

The Sharia police recently came under attack for always turning a blind eye to some acts committed by the rich and clamping down on young men from poor homes.

Reacting, the Director of the Islamic police, Aliyu Kibiya while featuring on a Freedom Radio programme said it is against the tenets of Islam to publicly criticize a leader.

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He, however, maintained that they also arrest the children of the rich but failed to give examples of children of the rich they’ve arrested.

“Although we call on everybody in the society to do the right thing, we make the call on a case by case basis.

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“It is against the tenets of Islam to mount the podium and call out leaders.

“There are ways to caution a leader without criticizing him in public,” he said.

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