Hidden Strike 2023 Movie [Jackie Chan And John Cena]

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When a Chinese oil facility in Iraq is the target of an attack, private security guard Luo Feng (Jackie Chan) is tasked with rescuing the company’s remaining workers.

It soon turns out that the perpetrators are planning a theft on a very large scale – the security man has to team up with ex-marine Chris Van Horne (John Cena) to prevent this plan.

The movie is about an adventure that happens during a war over oil. It takes place in the Middle East and shows a future where people fight over oil. There are lots of scenes with big explosions and destruction.

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Hidden Strike 2023 Movie [Jackie Chan And John Cena] 1

The story focuses on a group of international criminals who want to pull off the biggest oil theft ever. Whatโ€™s cool is that the bad guys are funny, which adds a twist to the action genre

Hidden Strike was release on 28 July 2023 on Netflix. The trailer has cool action scenes and an interesting story, making people even more eager for its release.

Hidden Strike Official Trailer

Hidden Strike Trailer

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