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Brotherhood is a Nigerian crime-action thriller produced by Jade Osiberu and starring Tobi Bakre, Boma Akpore, Falz, Basketmouth, Sam Dede, Ronke Oshodi Oke, Toni Tones, Zubby Micheal, Mr Macaroni and a host of others.

Brotherhood tells a story of twin brothers Wale Adetula (played by Falz) and Akin Adetula (played by Tobi Bakre) who saw their parents being killed while there were young, growing up the twin brothers found themselves on both sides of a coin as Wale joins the Police detectives while Akin became a criminal which landed him in prison severally.

Brotherhood Nigeria Nollywood Movie
Brotherhood Nollywood movies

After Akin was released from the prison, he joined the notorious ‘Ojuju Boys’ and brought about plans to help them rob bullion vans and banks, their first operation was successful and they sought to continue on a bigger operation which Akin Adetula didn’t want to be a part of at first, but he later supported and joined the operation on the operation, SWAT team which Wale Adetula happens to be a part of, double-crossed them and there was a lot of shooting at the scene, one of the gang member, Izra wanted to betray them and cart away with the money, this didn’t go as planned for him as Akin found him and killed him

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The film was released to cinemas in Africa on 23 September 2022.

The film started showing simultaneously in several African countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger Republic, Senegal, Congo, Rwanda, Gabon, Guinea, and Madagascar.

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