Diezani’s Estranged Husband Urges Court to Stop her from Using his Name

Diezani’s Estranged Husband Urges Court to Stop her from Using his Name

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Rear Admiral Alison Amaechina Madueke has petitioned the Lagos High Court for an injunction restraining his ex-wife, Diezani Alison-Madueke, from using his first name (Alison) and surname (Madueke) following the dissolution of their marriage.

In his petition, Suit No. LD/15144HD/2024, Madueke requests that Diezani revert to her pre-marital surname (Agama) and publish notices in newspapers of national circulation in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom, announcing her discontinuation of using his name.

“The respondent’s continued use of my name poses significant legal and financial risks to me, especially as she faces criminal trials in Nigeria and the UK,” Madueke stated.

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The petition details that the couple ceased living together in May 2015, following Diezani’s ministerial appointment. In November 2021, citing an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, Diezani filed for divorce at the High Court of Nassarawa State, Mararaba Gurku Judicial Division. The marriage was officially dissolved on April 13, 2022, by Hon. Justice A.A. Ozegya.

Madueke emphasized the ongoing public allegations of corruption and financial misconduct against Diezani, for which trials are pending. He argues that her continued use of his name creates a misleading impression and tarnishes his reputation.

“Despite the legal finalization of our divorce over two years ago, the respondent continues to use my first name and surname without my consent, falsely suggesting to the public a continuing relationship,” Madueke asserted.

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In December 2023, Madueke’s solicitors, Messrs Foundation Chambers, formally requested that Diezani cease using his names and revert to her pre-marital name, Diezani Kogbeni Agama.

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