China Detains Chinese National Spying For CIA

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China claims to have identified a Chinese National suspected of spying on a military industrial company and passing vital military information to the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

According to a statement issued by Beijing’s Ministry of State Security on Friday, a 52-year-old man named Zeng was offered money and immigration to the United States in exchange for giving confidential information. Zeng, who worked for a military industrial firm, was sent to Italy by his employer to complete his studies, where he was recruited by a CIA agent stationed at the US embassy in Rome, according to a statement posted on the ministry’s WeChat page.

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Zeng progressively formed a psychological dependent on (the US official), who took advantage of the chance to indoctrinate him with Western values, according to the statement.

According to the statement, the two connected through attending dinner parties, operas, and other activities before the US official, identified by China as a man named Seth, revealed himself to be a member of the CIA. Zeng was eventually promised “a huge amount” of money as well as family immigration to the United States in exchange for conducting espionage on his workplace.

According to the government, Zeng signed an espionage agreement with the US before receiving training. When Zeng returned to China, the government said he continued to meet with the CIA agent undercover to offer information.

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According to the statement, the ministry discovered evidence of Zeng’s espionage actions, prompting it to take “compulsory measures” against him. The case has been turned over to prosecutors for consideration.The statement does not identify when any of the alleged events occurred.

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