Check on your loved ones, Mental health is real”: Mercy Johnson’s husband replies Angela Okorie

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Mercy Johnson’s husband has ridiculed Angela Okorie, claiming that mental health exists and that there are m@d individuals everywhere!

The politician was replying to Angela’s accusation of witchcraft, claiming Mercu is a witch.

The actress accused Mercy Johnson and her late mother of possessing evil powers.

She claims that they utilise their powers to shape the course of events in the film business.

However, many people have criticised Angela for making such outrageous accusations, with many claiming that the actress is not in the correct frame of mind.

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Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Odi Okojie, has now responded to her, asking those around her to check on her.

He wrote;

“Pls endeavor to check on your loved ones, mental health is real. M@dt people everywhere”.

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