Access Pensions To Offer Customers Guidance on Pension Backed Mortgages

Access Pensions To Offer Customers Guidance on Pension Backed Mortgages

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Access Pensions has emphasised its commitment to offering thorough guidance and assistance to customers interested in Pension Backed Mortgages (PBMs).

Head of Customer Experience at Access Pensions, Ophelia Alex-Iwuanyanwu, reiterated this commitment during a recent webinar organised by the company. She also highlighted the Access Advantage, showcasing the robust financial ecosystem provided by Access Corporation and how the firm is committed to ensuring the best for its customers.

Alex-Iwuanyanwu said: “We offer competitive pension backed mortgage finance tailored to your needs, ensuring your goal of home ownership is achieved. We also guide our customers through every step of the homeownership journey, starting well before the application reaches us.

We offer end-to-end guidance from our team to ensure a simplified process that reduces the turnaround time, from initiation to PENCOM’s approval.”


She further added that clients benefit from dedicated relationship managers, access to digital channels, financial literacy programs, and superior investment returns. Additionally, efficient benefits administration ensures timely pension payouts globally.

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Chief investment officer, Access Pensions, Wale Okunrinboye, speaking on ‘Investment Management: How do we manage your pensions’ said: “Our investment process is built around applying an analytical approach to securities analysis, asset allocation, optimal trade execution and a quantitative approach to risk management.”


Regional head, Business Development, Adaeze Raji, discussed the essential steps to achieve retirement goals, emphasising the importance of setting clear income targets and developing a comprehensive plan to achieve them. She noted that this involves identifying income sources, assessing expenses, establishing a savings strategy, and effectively managing assets and risks.


On her part, head of Benefits Administration, Access Pensions, Zainab Kaka Bello delved into the specifics of pension benefits. She outlined the eligibility criteria for accessing retirement benefits, which include various circumstances such as mandatory or compulsory retirement, retirement due to medical reasons, or temporary loss of employment.

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Additionally, she highlighted the factors that determine the amount payable to retirees, including gender, the total balance in the retirement savings account (RSA), final salary details, and the age at which retirement occurs.


The webinar, hosted by head of Brand and Communications, Mojisola Coker, provided an enlightening platform for customers to engage in a question-and-answer session, fostering valuable insights.



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