AbdulRazaq Hails Tinubu’s Investments In Infrastructure

AbdulRazaq Hails Tinubu’s Investments In Infrastructure

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The Kwara State governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq on Thursday commended President Bola Tinubu’s investments in infrastructure across the country.

Gov AbdulRazaq also hailed the president for approving the construction works on the new Ilorin- Offa road.

The governor gave the commendation on Thursday after inspecting the 42.5km new Ilorin-Offa Road in the state.

The road is one of the four major roads that the governor facilitated under the Federal Government’s tax credit scheme and are being constructed by the BUA Group.

The BUA projects in Kwara State are Bode Saadu – Kaiama – 128km, Lafiagi – Bacita – Shonga – 74.3km, Eyenkorin – Offa – 42.5km and Okuta – Kenu – Teberu – 37km.

AbdulRazaq added, “We keep hearing about the renewed hope agenda and what it means. This is a summary of renewed hope. Many people, including Kwarans are not aware that something as massive as this is ongoing already. We thank the President for this.

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“This is the new Ilorin-Offa road. It is going to open up the entire economy of the area. And this is not the only road project in Kwara that the Federal Government has invested in.

“Two months ago, I visited Bode Sa’adu-Kaiama-Kosubosu road, which is also a Federal Government road. Then, there is the 83km Lafiagi-Shonga-Bacita road. We are truly lucky in Kwara; we are happy that these investments are being placed in the state.

He recalled a recent visit to President Tinubu where he was shown the document on the Badagry – Sokoto Highway and the portion of the Kwara State government in the project.

“A couple of months ago, I visited the President in his office to discuss some issues, and also to congratulate him on the decision to embark on the Calabar-Lagos Coastal Highway, and the President showed me a document on his table on the Badagry-Sokoto Highway. That is foresight.

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“I was truly excited and went straight to the section that concerns Kwara. I also saw the Kishi-Kaiama-Wawa road, which has also been approved.”

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