8 opposition parties meet in Kaduna, strategise ahead 2027

8 opposition parties meet in Kaduna, strategise ahead 2027

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A summit convened in Kaduna by the African Democratic Congress (ADC) brought together eight opposition parties, aiming to bolster their structures and strategies ahead of the 2027 general election. 

Termed the ADC Democracy Summit Kaduna 2024, the gathering focused on strengthening party foundations as a crucial step towards challenging the ruling APC and addressing the nation’s pressing issues.

Attended by prominent political entities including the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), People’s Redemption Party (PRP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Social Democratic Party (SDP), KOWA, Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC), and the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), the summit underscored the necessity of mobilising grassroots support and fostering political enlightenment among citizens.

Chairman of the summit, Lawal Nalado, emphasised the urgency of addressing the hardships faced by Nigerians and fostering informed decision-making ahead of the elections. While dispelling merger speculations, Nalado criticized the current administration for exacerbating national challenges rather than mitigating them.

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Echoing Nalado’s sentiments, Falalu Bello, National Chairman of PRP, stressed the importance of effective voter mobilisation and the selection of credible candidates. 

He identified resource constraints, lack of internal democracy, and interference by the ruling party as key challenges facing opposition groups.

IPAC National Chairman advocated for accountability, transparency, and diverse means of holding the government accountable. He emphasised the role of opposition parties in ensuring governmental responsibility and delivery of democratic dividends.

The National Chairman of KOWA party and spokesman of CUPP challenged opposition parties to actively highlight government shortcomings, urging them to play a vocal role in governance.

Ahmed Tujjani, chairman of ADC and IPAC Kaduna State, clarified that the summit aimed to address socioeconomic and political challenges, offering pragmatic solutions. He emphasised the importance of early engagement and citizen involvement in the electoral process.

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Tujjani reiterated that the summit was not aimed at merger or coalition formation but rather at fostering dialogue and collaboration among opposition parties to address common issues effectively.


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