German Police Arrest 25 Reichsbürger Movement Suspects in Nationwide Raid

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Police in Germany have arrested 25 suspected Reichsbürger movement members and supporters of a “domestic terrorist organization” trying to overthrow the German state.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said that the network was part of the “Reichsbürger scene”.

During a nationwide raid, 25 suspected members and supporters of a terrorist organization were arrested early Wednesday morning.

Reichsbürger movement

The raid were announced by the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the German Minister of Justice, Marco Buschmann.

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Buschmann said the investigations targeted a suspected terrorist network known to have links to the Reichsbürger movement. He said the attacks targeted individuals suspected of planning an armed attack on government institutions. “Since this morning, a major anti-terrorist operation is underway.

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The federal state prosecutor is investigating a suspected terrorist network in the Reichsbürger area,” Buschmann wrote. “The suspicion is that an armed attack was planned against the constitutional bodies.

The Reichsbürger movement is made up of a number of small organizations and individuals, mainly in the states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Bavaria. They do not accept the legality of the Federal Republic of Germany nor any of its government authorities.

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