World’s Dirtiest Man’ Amou Haji dies aged 94 (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

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The Iranian man Amou Haji, who has been dubbed ‘the dirtiest man in the world’ for not showering in decades, has died at the age of 94, state media reported.

Amou Haji, did not his bath for 67 years, died on Sunday in the village of Dejgah in Iran, the IRNA news agency reported.

Mr Haji chose to avoid showering over fears that it would bring him bad luck and make him sick.But ‘for the first time a few months ago, villagers had taken him to a bathroom to wash,’ a local official told the Iranian state media.’Not long after, he fell ill and finally, on Sunday… he gave up his life,’ IRNA reported.

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Mr. Haji decided to avoid bathing, fearing that it would bring him bad luck and make him sick.

But “for the first time a few months ago, villagers took him to wash in the bathroom,” a local official told Iranian state media. “Soon after that he fell ill and finally on Sunday… he gave up his life”, reported IRNA.

The Iranian previously said he chose this eccentric lifestyle after experiencing “emotional setbacks in his youth”. He has been isolated ever since.

Besides cleanliness, Mr. Haji detested fresh food and drink. His favorite food was a rotten thorn and he liked to drink five liters of water a day from a rusty oil can.

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He often collected water from nearby puddles. Mr. Haji also ate road kill, and if his life wasn’t unique enough, he also liked to smoke animal feces out of an old pipe instead of cigarettes. In the 2018 photos, an Iranian smokes several cigarettes at the same time.


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