Chaos in Honduras Congress as fight broke out during new president’s swearing-in (Video)

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Lawmakers exchanged blows Friday in the Honduran Congress as a dispute among members of President-elect Xiomara Castro’s party turned violent

The battle for control of Congress in Honduras has devolved into complete chaos after a group of 20 legislators from Libre split from the party line & joined with the National Party and Yanistas of the Liberal Party to elect the provisional leadership of Congress.

Prior to the election, Libre made a pact with Salvador Nasralla’s PSH party that would concede the presidency of Congress to PSH regardless of how many seats each party won. The math was always difficult, with 65 votes needed for a majority.

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Libre won 50 seats, PSH 10 and there were 4 dissident Liberals who had supported Xiomara Castro’s candidacy instead of their own party’s candidate. In the best-case scenario, they needed to find one more vote to honor the pact and elect the leadership of Congress.

In the days following the election, however, the National Party & Liberal Yanistas began saying that the president of Congress should be a legislator from Libre, a clear intention to attempt to divide the coalition that launched Xiomara Castro to a resounding victory.

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