Colombia Most Wanted Drug Lord Dairo Antonio Usuga, Captured

Latin America
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Colombian authorities said on Saturday they have captured Dairo Antonio Usuga, the country’s most wanted drug trafficker.

According to Africhome Sources, Dairo Antonio Usuga was captured in a jungle raid involving 500 police personnel and 22 helicopters.

President Ivan Duque compared it to the fall of Pablo Escobar.This the hardest blow… to drug trafficking this century in our country,” Duque said.

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The arrest was “the biggest penetration of the jungle ever seen in the military history of our country,” Duque said.Duque urged other members of the cartel to turn themselves in or “feel the full weight of the law.”

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Usuga stands accused of various crimes, including drug trafficking, murder, extortion, kidnapping, conspiracy and illegal recruiting of minors. He was on the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s most wanted list.The US State Department had offered up to $5 million (€4.29 million) for information leading to his arrest or conviction in 2009. US and British authorities were also informed about the details of the arrest.

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