Microsoft To Retire Window 10 in 2025, Unveils New Window 11

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Computer giants Microsoft says it will stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025, as it prepares to unveil a major revamp of its Windows operating system later this month.

According to microsoft from 14 October 2025, there will be no new updates or security fixes for either the Home or Pro versions of Window 10 Operating system.

New Windows 11

If you recall when Windows 10 was launched, on July 15 2015, Microsoft said it was intended to be the final version of the operating system.

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What are the New Features Of New MS Window 11.

Windows 11 has a new window snapping features which are as follows…

  • New icons
  • New Start Menu placement (i.e. centred)
  • New Window shapes (i.e. rounded)
  • New animations
  • New sounds
  • Even more pre-installed bloatware and old apps
  • (Microsoft To Do, PicsArt, Twitter, Messenger, Photoshop Elements)
  • Windows 11 also lets you move the Start menu and app taskbar icons back to the left side.
  • There is dark mode too
  • ‘Windows 11’ Themes and Wallpapers: ‘Windows 11’ has introduced new higher resolution wallpapers, each within it’s own section for more variety E.G ;Theme A Theme B, Theme C Theme D.
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Here’s A First Look At Windows 11.

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