Ghana Couple Allegedly Bury Son Alive

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Ghana Police arrest man and wife who allegedly bury one and half year old son alive at, Central Region.

The Ghana Police Service in the Central Region is on a manhunt for a spiritualist allegedly involved in the death of a two-year-old boy at Breman Brakwa.The boy was allegedly buried alive by his father, Paul Adobaw, on May 27, 2021.

Africhome gathered that the parents of the deceased were allegedly convinced by the fetish priestess, Ama Nkansah, that their child who can neither walk nor talk was a spirit child and had to be killed.

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Ghana Couple Allegedly Bury Son Alive

Sources say, Paul Adobaw’s tenant reported the incident to the police and he was subsequently arrested.

According to the police, when questioned by the tenant, Paul Adobaw said they were carrying out a traditional rite, only for the boy to be found later in a grave behind their home.

Paul Adobaw and his wife, Yaa Atta at Brakwa, have five children with the deceased being their fourth child.The deceased from the time of his birth never walked before his painful death.Paul Adobaw is currently in police custody assisting investigations.

The activities of so-called spiritualists come under scrutiny in recent times following the killing of an 11-year-old boy by two teenagers in a suburb of Kasoa in the Central Region.

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Reports say the two teenagers planned to use the deceased for money rituals after contacting a traditional priest.According to police documents, the two teenagers were inspired to carry out the crime after watching a spiritualist on TV talking about how to get rich quick

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