Glo Unlimited Free Browsing For (May/June)

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Its been long Africhome dropped any Free browsing tweak’s, due to lack of loopholes from network providers.

But we finnally found a way to browse and download unlimitedly with Glo Nigeria network.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s go straight into it…


  • Download Lastest Version Of Napsternet-Vray Vpn here.
  • Have Glo Sim either 3g or 4g.
  • Download The Configuration files below.
  • Have At list 40mb data on your glo line, don’t worry it won’t be touched.
  • open the the vpn and import the configuration file and put the configuration password given below.
  • Click the play button and connect
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Configuration Files

Africhome is giving out free configuration files. Use the links below to download.

Server password= Africhome

Configuration files expires 7 days from today, join Africhome Telegram Channel to get updated Configuration files.

To get your own fast unlimited private server, simply send a WhatsApp message to +1 863-583-5083, cost 500 Naira only.

All servers support Unlimited Download, WhatsApp calls and online streaming, but does not support Torrent Download.



Go to Your Phone settings, to network. Scroll down and locate vpn. Open and choose the settings icon in front of the app you’re using. Select always on vpn and block connections without vpn.


Stop Mb Deductions

How To Share Your Vpn Connection Via Hotspot To Other Android Phone.

Incase you want to hotspot your vpn connection to other mobile device or PC/Laptop, simply Download and Install everyproxy to your phone and follow the video instructions below to configure it

How To Share Your Vpn Connection From Phone To PC/Laptop

Disclaimer: This post is for education purpose only, Africhome will not be held liable or accountable for any misused of this information.

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15 thoughts on “Glo Unlimited Free Browsing For (May/June)

  1. This is the best and fastest free browser vpn. However, as of today the configuration file ceases to validate expiry date so as to connect. Even after updating and clearing the data. Please help fix this issue

  2. The latest June 18 glo configuration np4 file makes the napsternet vpn app to force close after imputing the file password so as to import

  3. Making all the files unusable for rooted device is unfortunate. I guess it’s byebye to this site & using files from here. Appreciated when it lasted

    1. We are Protecting our files against sniffers who used Rooted Phone to steal our hardwork, if you need rooted configuration send us a message on WhatsApp +1 863-583-5083

  4. Please if you have enjoyed the free files so far, please upgrade to premium it cost 500 naira only, send us a message on WhatsApp for your upgrade +1 863-583-5083

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