Nigeria Soldiers Allergyly Kill Car Owner At A Cheak Point In Owerri

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Nigeria soldiers have allegedly shot and killed a businessman, Noel Chigbu in Owerri Imo state Nigeria.

According to the victim’s elder brother and spokesman for the family, Tobechi Chigbu, said on Monday that the military men at the Amakohia flyover in Owerri killed Noel around 10pm on Friday.

He narrated that Noel was shot dead on the day he took delivery of his new Camry car and was driving home at the close of work.

The distraught Tobechi said Noel was killed after dropping off his friend and was driving home.

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He further disclosed that the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations in the state was the one, who told the family that the soldiers said that they shot his brother because he violated their checkpoint rule.

He said the family would ensure that the soldiers, who killed his brother, were identified and prosecuted..Tobechi said,

“Noel was the owner of Shawarma Zone in front of the Home Away Palace by Ukaigwe Hospital, Akwakuma junction, Owerri.

He just dropped of his friend, who also does the same business with him in front of the Amakohia Market. It was around 10pm on Friday, April 30.

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His friend, whom he dropped off, said it was not up to three minutes after he alighted from the vehicle when he heard gunshots in the destination Noel drove to. He didn’t know that it was his friend, who was shot by the soldiers.

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