Secondary School Girl Storms School With Gun, Attempts to Shoot Teacher Over Instruction To Cut Hair

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A little girl at this tender age went to school at Government Secondary School Ikot Ewa with a local gun to shoot her class teacher, the teachers crime was instructing her to cut her coloured hair and concentrate on her education.

But she ran out of luck, when her classmates observe that, their was heavy metal which looks like a gun in her school bag, then they raised alarm, which cause panic in the school premises.

Then the school proprietor invited men of the Nigeria army to intervene in the situation which led to arrest of the school girl.

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Investigations are ongoing to find out where she got the locally made gun from.

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2 thoughts on “Secondary School Girl Storms School With Gun, Attempts to Shoot Teacher Over Instruction To Cut Hair

  1. It is most likely that the school girl who took a gun to school, has a mental health issue.
    She should not be treated like a criminal, but should be taken for urgent evaluation and given the help she obviously needs. Violence towards her could only serve to worsen her condition.
    Unknown to us in this part of the world, many children are struggling with mental health issues.
    Heads of Schools, Principals, Churches and youth organisations, among others, should be sensitized on this issue and equipped to render the necessary interventions before the experts are brought on board.

    1. Your 100% percent right, her mental state must be check, before she turn to something else in future, I guss she collected that gun from her cultist boyfriend.

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