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Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro says Donald Trump’s defeat was a ‘victory for Venezuela’ and has called on President Joe Biden to stop the ‘demonization and hatred’ towards his country.⁣⁣

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We Defected Trump Says Venezuela President Maduro 1

‘Today, 20 January, Donald Trump left, left, left… We defeated him,’ Maduro wrote on Twitter. ‘This is a victory for Venezuela. He left alone… This is our triumph.

‘⁣⁣Now that Trump’s gone, he’s hoping to cozy up with Biden to mark a ‘new beginning’ between the nations.⁣⁣’We must tell the United States: We want to improve our relations, to make it one of respect, of mutual acknowledgment, a relationship with a future.

‘⁣⁣The relationship between Venezuela and the United States has been a rocky one for years, but things turned particularly sour when the Trump administration recognized opposition figure Juan Guaido over Maduro as Venezuela’s interim president in 2019.


⁣⁣The US which has repeatedly blasted Maduro for ‘oppressing’ Venezuelan people, also issued tough sanctions against the socialist government and imposed an oil embargo.⁣⁣

However, it doesn’t look like much will change between the US and Maduro, with Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, saying he backs Trump’s policy of supporting Guaido.⁣⁣

We Defected Trump Says Venezuela President Maduro 2

Maduro has called Guaido a ‘US puppet,’ and accused him of trying to orchestrate a coup in Venezuela so that the United States could seize control of the country’s natural resources.⁣⁣

While Guaido has been endorsed as president by the US and Colombia, several countries, including Russia and China, say they only recognize Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela

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